Elevator inspections NYC

Elevator Inspection in New York city

Did you know that violation of elevator inspections in New York City may cause you fines of up to $60,000 or more depending on the violation’s inspectors might find?

At Elevator Repair NYC, we offer full services of your elevator from lubrication, replacement of worn out parts, to cleaning to safeguard elevator users in NYC. We are licensed for Private Elevator Inspector Agency in New York City.

Elevator Repair NYC is fully licensed by the New York state department of buildings to inspect, test, offer correctional services for any outstanding violations. The company establishes working communications with landlord owners and building owners to schedule inspection and ensure compliance of the building with city department building requirements. Our periodic inspection will prevent your elevator from being issued with cease-use order by the NYC building department. The inspection is yearly.

Reports have it that Private elevator inspectors in NYC are allegedly missing dangerous violations and allowing unsafe conditions to go unrepaired. With over 71,000 elevators, New York city requires strict adherence to its laws to ensure safety. Even the slightest wear of hoist cable on an elevator shows signs of repair. However, some private inspectors do not do a good job. The inspectors rate the elevator satisfactory” or “no violation” and days after, the same elevators are tagged with city-issued violations. We at Elevator Repair NYC are here to enhance detailed DOB inspection.

Elevator inspection may be;

  • One conducted by a private contractor hired by the Department of Buildings.
  • Another conducted by a private company hired by the building owner.
  • A third inspection from a complain raised by a tenant who calls 311 on elevator issues and city inspectors are dispatched to examine the lift.

If you have been getting inspections but still faced with issues from the building department, contact us today for a comprehensive re-inspection.

Our inspection services are here to ensure elevators operate safely, offer reliable service and are lawful.

We are:

  • Licensed NYC elevator repair and maintenance.
  • Immediate NYC elevator service response
  • Readily available qualified personnel to attend to you.
  • Regular inspection and scheduled elevator maintenance in NYC.
  • 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free quotes

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