Elevator Replacement NYC

An elevator is essential requirement for most story buildings, and is only as desirable as it is functional. However, continued repairs to an elevator may become costly with time and as technology advances, other components may become obsolete.

In New York city, total replacement of your elevator is often required when replacement parts are not available within the market or cannot be reproduced based on the specification from the manufacturer, the elevator may have outlived its life expectancy, or conducting repairs with additional requirements for NYC DOB code compliance is costly. In such a case, Elevator Repair NYC will assess the best model for your replacement and carry on with the new elevator installation.

The commonly installed elevators are the hydraulic and pneumatic types. Hydraulic elevators typically last between 25 to 30 years and cost on average $20,000 - $30,000 and with the inclusion of installation, the cost could be around $40,000 - $45,000. The Hydraulic elevator on the other hand is easier to install, and could cost you a total of about $35,000 - $50,000 for the elevator plus installation. To be more exert on the prices, be sure to contact us now and find out.

At Elevator Repair NYC, we offer consultancy service to assess whether your elevator needs a refurbishment or replacement. Our capacity to install, maintain, upgrade, and repair elevators across all the boroughs of New York City at a highly effective scale makes us the most trusted New York elevator replacement service provider.

Elevator Repair NYC have been in the elevator market in New York City for years, when it comes to replacing your elevator, we advise you on the best option based on the existing market prices, renowned brands and your needs.

The advantages of replacing your elevator in NYC include:

  • Getting a more energy efficient elevator
  • Reducing the wait time for customers in a building
  • Faster rides between floors
  • Reduced repair calls to Elevator Repair NYC
  • Minimized noise and vibration
  • Compliance to DOB elevator regulations and codes

While we may choose to replace your elevator in NYC fully, some parts Elevator Repair NYC may replace independently depending on the identified issue such as;

  • Replacement cables for cable drivers or hydraulics
  • Replacement of chain for chain drives
  • Replacing controller wiring
  • Replacing landing entrance doors
  • Motor replacement

Among others feel free to contact us now for free quotes based on your elevator brand and other assessments such as size. We offer;

  • Licensed NYC elevator repair and maintenance.
  • Immediate NYC elevator service response
  • Readily available qualified personnel to attend to you.
  • Regular inspection and scheduled elevator maintenance in NYC.
  • 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free quotes

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