Modernization of New York City Elevators

Elevator Repair NYC is committed to handling all your elevator upgrade issues. In accordance to the DOB for most elevators to upgrade to for instant; “installation of door-lock monitors on elevators.” We readily avail the upgrade services for efficiency and effective service delivery to your tenants.

Co-op or condo can undertake modernization of their elevators may think of it as an expensive and disruptive process. This is not the case as Elevator Repair NYC offers affordable rates for the upgrades.

Elevator Repair NYC offers assessments into your need for upgrade by considering factors such as; occupant needs, ride performance, aesthetics, longevity, acoustic performance, serviceability, and reliability.

Our experts will conduct test to determine the performance of the elevator before proposing any upgrades on components and give free quotes for the service.

We also understand that repair costs, and energy usage affect your decision. However, Elevator Repair NYC recommend modernization of most elevators to the latest technology as it is more efficient and reliable. Advancement of technologies can help conduct routine maintenance before inspections are made. Call us today to help you deliberate and make the right decision on your elevator upgrades.

If you are still deliberating, as of January 2020, all New York building elevators were expected to have installed a system that monitors and prevents automatic operations with faulty door contact circuit for automatic elevators. It is also expected that by 2027, all elevators to have emergency brakes. Don’t wait for such upgrades to cause bottlenecks in work at elevator consultancy and maintenance companies, catching your building, co-op and condo boards off guard at the long wait times they face to get the work done. Contact us today to find out what upgrades are eminent and modernize your elevator to the latest standards.

Our modernization program features all new requirements for existing codes with state-of-the-art technology for high performance of your elevator.

Contact us today for modernization of your New York elevator.

We value the confidence endowed to our elevator services within the New city and its boroughs, prioritizing your needs that us earned us a reputation of the best elevator service provider in New York city.

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